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Art (Not Ivory) In Africa Safari

Morning mud bath at Umani Spring. Guest lodging can be seen in the background.

When Capture Africa Tours & Art Not Ivory come together you get: Art in Africa!

Capture Africa Tours is joining forces with Art not Ivory to create an unforgettable, one of a kind safari experience. Join us a once in a life, exceptional Safari where you will experience Africa, elephants, and art - and be a part of something magical that contributes to the fight to save the species. On your 12-day journey you will be an artistic exploration guided by artist Carrie Lensch, of Art Not Ivory.

There's a saying that “Art is life.” It helps as express ourselves, and can represent the essence of our being, and enhance our understanding of and connectedness to the natural world. For elephants this has literal meaning - Art is life. If we can get the message across that elephants’ bodies are not art, and no part of them should be used as such, we can help save their lives. Art, real art, IS LIFE, life for an elephant.

On this Art in African journey we will learn to create a variety of art, not limited to but primarily focusing on elephants. Creating artwork with Carrie is s spiritual and meditative experience, one in which you will be connecting deeply with the natural world, and creating a tangible representation of your experience. By the end of our Safari you will take home a variety of artwork including acrylic and watercolor paintings, field sketches, an art travel journal, and several surprises!

We will journey to the various reintegration units of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, meeting the orphan elephants and their dedicated keepers. During the afternoon hours we will create together under the guidance of your instructor. On some evenings we will have Sundowner paint sessions, or in the morning as we stat our day meditative flow creative projects.

Suitable for all skill levels, novice to experienced.

All materials will be provided.

About your art instructor:

Carrie an accomplished artist, specializing in elephant art. She began Art Not Ivory in 2015 as a tangible way of contributing in the fight to save African elephants who are being slaughtered at alarming rates. Carrie has a background in wildlife management and a master's degree in animal behavior (focus on elephants of course!). She was once an elephant keeper intern at The Elephant Sanctuary in TN, and later a Wildlife Biologist. Now she uses her art to promote awareness about the plight of elephants, host art events to involve the community in this endeavor, and

donates a portion of all proceeds from sales of her artwork to elephant conservation through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to support their programs. Carrie is experienced traveling on African Safari, including touring all of the reintegration units of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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